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sunday cooking 10

my entire family sans me were invited to a wedding lunch, so I decided to cook myself a feast in their absence. (havoc in the kitchen without anyone’s interference!) this is the first time I bought (half a) fresh chicken … Continue reading

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sunday cooking 9

I tried my hand at a basic shakshouka of chopped tomatoes, sausages and runny eggs. definitely an all-day breakfast dish I’d repeat!

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on this last night of the seventh month

just thought i’d share this touching and poignant strip i saw on sgag. apparently truly overheard by the poster! *satay – a delectable dish of grilled/barbequed meat on bamboo skewers *’burn’ – burnt offerings to the dead (candles, paper money, … Continue reading

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What the living do during the Hungry Ghost Festival

I’m guessing some foreign readers had their interest piqued by my mention of the Seventh Month in the previous post – quite a number of clicks for the wikipedia link! You may be interested to see how it is celebrated … Continue reading

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Eating in Xinjiang

One of the harder parts of travelling alone in China comes from finding good food. Asians, in general, pride communal meals, and the classic Chinese meal consists of several dishes shared around a table. Of course there are options for … Continue reading

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Today’s dinner: Camembert on Crackers!

Something I’ve been looking forward to! Just that every time I wanted this, we’d had too heavy a dinner to have this as dessert. Today, it was the meal proper. Australian camembert, pate de jamon, Meiji crackers and seedless grapes. … Continue reading

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Sunday cooking 8

My niece demanded to eat my cooking, and then I was informed to ‘might as well cook for everyone’…so here’s the result… Beehoon (rice vermicelli) in soup with minced chicken, diced carrots, sliced onions and button mushrooms.

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