Eating in Xinjiang

One of the harder parts of travelling alone in China comes from finding good food. Asians, in general, pride communal meals, and the classic Chinese meal consists of several dishes shared around a table. Of course there are options for the solo eater, just that you’ve got less variety.

My favourite was the pilaf/zhua fan. I didn’t take pictures of it because it’s essentially a picture of fried rice. What’s unique about it is that it’s cooked w lots of raisins. What’s not so pleasant about it is that the rice glistens with oil, and you can feel your arteries clogging as you eat.

Another is the beef lamian (hand-pulled noodles). Again, no pictures because everyone knows what a bowl of noodles looks like. In China, they’ve got budget options. When you order a ‘niu rou la mian’, the default dish is plain noodles in beef soup. If you want your beef noodles to be served with slices of beef, you gotta specify ‘la mian jia niu rou’ (noodles, add beef).

You’ll see people eating (savoury) naan bread everywhere. Here’s the most popular chain, Abdullah’s Naan (see the red signboard on the right) –


People eat this as the main meal or as a midday snack. I personally found it too dry (used to the Indian version in Singapore!) and I don’t like sesame seeds in my food so I had this only once. To be eaten on its own, or spread with cream cheese.

Hand-made ice cream!


(note the pirated haagen-dazs design, which reads ‘wish you success in the examination’)
I was slightly disturbed that the ice cream was exposed to the air like in the photograph, but I decided to take a chance with my tummy. I was fine, but then of course my stomach has survived street food all over so that’s really up to the individual.

And finally, my favourite yang rou chuan/mutton kebabs!


I ate this whenever I could! I wish I had more!


2 thoughts on “Eating in Xinjiang”

  1. When I visited, I definitely remembered the smell of the kabobs and the pool of oil the fried rice was in 😨


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