sunday cooking 10

my entire family sans me were invited to a wedding lunch, so I decided to cook myself a feast in their absence. (havoc in the kitchen without anyone’s interference!)


this is the first time I bought (half a) fresh chicken from the butcher – usually I’d only order the breast, thought I’d try something new. marinated in salt, pepper, italian herb mix and a splash of orange juice.

I oiled the pan with the chicken skin before sautéing the onions, followed by the peppers (I like my peppers very soft). next came the potatoes and the chicken, and a can of lager.


chicken stew! the recipe asked for stout, but I substituted it with a strong brew in my possession that I didn’t enjoy. great way to use up unwanted alcohol.

my sister ate my leftovers for dinner and she liked it! hooray. but she prefers last week’s egg-tomato dish haha.


emotional eating: fried food

Food seems to be the only thing that brings me joy nowadays. Unfortunately for me, my comfort food tends to take on the savoury, oily variety.


Guo Tie (pan fried dumplings) from Redhill Market.


Har Cheong Gai (prawn paste chicken) from Bee Kia, opposite Thomson Medical Centre.

Oh my poor waistline.