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postcard from the Vatican

A month ago, on 29th December 2014, I mailed two postcards via the Poste Vaticane. They were addressed to my ex and to my parents, but my family’s has yet to arrive, so it should be safe to assume that … Continue reading

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happy birthday, ex-boyfriend

that’s two birthdays now that I never got to celebrate with you. I still mailed you a present this year, and i hope you know that i mean well. perhaps what I’ve done is selfish – I am aware that … Continue reading

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Cats: The Gala Premiere in Singapore

A friend invited me for Cats, the Musical, and to be honest, I wasn’t too keen on it because I used to fall asleep by the third or fourth song whenever I watched the VCD (oh my, how archaic and … Continue reading

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A Word of Thanks

On returning to work last week, a colleague lamented how her phone was pilfered on the metro in Rome. Later in the day, another colleague bemoaned her daughter’s phone being purloined in Pisa. Aside from the fact that no thief … Continue reading

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