pretty ethnic clothing: the cheongsam

this is the second of a 3-part series on ethnic clothing.

i love the cheongsam. the love affair started with my elderly aunt, who used to wear cheongsam or cheongsam-inspired clothes both to work and for major festivities. then i was introduced to the world of suzie wong, which sealed the deal for me. i thought (and still think) the cheongsam to be the most sexily elegant thing a lady can wear. it is, unfortunately, very unforgiving on the figure; besides, not everyone can carry off the look.

what years of half-hearted dieting couldn’t achieve, a devastating break-up did – i finally lost enough weight to squeeze into my aunt’s lovely red lace cheongsam.


this was chinese new year, 2014 – posing with the owner of the cheongsam.

it is one thing to be able to wear a cheongsam, and quite another to wear it well. the fire-engine red and mature cut requires a sass, a quiet, refined confidence that i simply do not have. perhaps one grows into it, or, you simply fake it till you make it.


next up: the yukata.