dec 2012: trekking in sri lanka

this walk offers quite the view over tea plantations, and so it is quite unfortunate that my salient memory of this walk is that of me wearing insensible canvas flats and trying not to get them muddy.

we hired a car to get us to Horton Plains National Park early in the morning

HP 1

it looks very much like england, no? do you think I’ll be able to pass them off as the peak district, because I lost my photographs of that?

HP 3 HP 2

along the way, you’ll pass baker’s falls

Baker Falls

and be sprayed with refreshing fine mist, leaving the area with your clothes slightly damp…

the abrupt sight of world’s end caught me by surprise.

WE 1

we hardly caught our breaths when the clouds rolled in, as they always do after 10-11am…

WE 3

within minutes, the view¬†was thoroughly obscured, and i felt bad for the tourists who came a little later, because all there was to see was the cloudy, foggy mist. am i glad for our walking guide who kept hurrying us along, or we’d be the disappointed ones too.

anyway, the park bestowed a farewell to us, which made us¬†scramble for our phones and cameras…

HP 4

i’d like to head to more of Sri Lanka’s national parks sometime in the future.