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marketplaces, “through the years”

Some weeks back, i visited the market at Baseco – This street looks and feels like the pasar malams (night markets) we have in Singapore. They sell pretty much the same stuff too, miscellaneous basic necessities such as cutlery, slippers, … Continue reading

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a rainbow over san agustin

we rushed for anticipatory mass last saturday, nearly not making it due to the terrible traffic in manila. here’s what greeted us at the church “And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that … Continue reading

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two sunsets, a year apart

somehow, i notice the sun rise and set more when im out of singapore. is it because our daily hectic lives distract us from it, or because our view has been obstructed by all the skyscrapers? above, on the outskirts … Continue reading

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getting a sense of location

i didn’t get to go to baseco today as i was sick-sitting some others. the good thing was, i had the opportunity to explore the area around my guesthouse while hunting for sick people’s food. having spent the previous days … Continue reading

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getting to know a place

i am currently on a service-learning trip at Baseco, Manila, Philippines. the public opinion regarding this place is that it is dangerous, a place where theft is commonplace, where fights are not infrequent, and perhaps even murder is not altogether … Continue reading

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