Hilarious response to a Qantas QF6 and QF36 flight delay

Summarized from Straits Times Online:

Australia’s national airline Qantas blamed Singapore’s Jubilee celebrations for the 23-hour delay of one of its flights. Singapore’s airspace was closed for a short period of time, from 6.25pm to 7.10pm on Sunday evening, to accommodate aerial displays during the National Day Parade. No planes were allowed to land or takeoff at Changi Airport.

Dozens of people were stranded overnight when the flight – scheduled to leave for Melbourne at 7.55pm on Sunday – failed to land. The Straits Times understands that the Qantas plane had to re-fuel in Batam, but a lengthy delay arose when its flight crew was discovered to have exceeded their flight hours.

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This is my favourite response from the discussion thread, by user ‘Spammyface Buk’

“I would like to apologize to Qantas and affected passengers for the long delay caused undoubtedly by the decision made 30 minutes before the plane landed, to put up an aerial display as part of our National Day Celebration. Singapore achieved national success and renown because of a culture of shoddy planning and dependence on pure luck to get us out of pickles. You can tell that our streak of miraculous luck held out in that NO OTHER airplane was affected. Thank our stars, all five of them!”

How scathing. I like!

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On a sidenote, enjoy Singapore Airlines’s beautiful livery on an A380 for the occasion of our nation’s birthday!


4 thoughts on “Hilarious response to a Qantas QF6 and QF36 flight delay”

  1. Actually, every plane other than SQ was delayed ;b I was there on the Batam Tarmac, with the Qantas plane, and a huge Emirates one, wondering how Batam could have the demand for such large planes.
    The moment I got a Singapore signal, I verified that ALL non-SQ planes scheduled to land from 5pm onwards that day, would only land after 9. I’m guessing only SQ pilots had been cleared to land during that time.
    I think everyone else was ill prepared for the day!
    Anyway, is it possible to share a little more about your xinjiang trip, including how you got the tours? I would like to visit, but am a little iffy about booking things in China, without WOM references :3


    1. Hi there Kiku,

      CAAS clarified the situation – the airspace closure was indeed announced months ago. You were probably on one of the four diverted flights.

      I booked the tours through my hotel. Most of the hotels have a contract with a reputable regional travel agency. The agency will combine guests from the different hotels for the day. Most of the popular tours have daily departures, the only difference being whether it’s a big bus or a minivan. (note that prices differ based on how many sign-ups there are, and how much commission your hotel charges)


      1. Thanks for the tips! Sounds spontaneous, but your blog gives us confidence 🙂
        Yeah I was on one of the four diverted flights; it happened because the plane needed to refuel! The clarification letter above was well worded. 🙂


      2. Well worded wrt the extent of the delays. I think overall, the airlines just didn’t handle it well!


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