The National Library Celebrates SG50!

All decked out in red and white!


And an arch, a patchwork of uniquely Singaporean iconography. There’s the nod to the predecessor, the demolished and still beloved old National Library, the teh tarik man, the tingkat (tiffin carrier), Sir Stamford Raffles…


And more lovely red and white banners!

I love our libraries. It is undeniable that our libraries lack the prestige and grandeur of old dames like the Trinity College Library of Dublin and the Bodleian or Radcliffe Camera of Oxford, not to mention their priceless collections of manuscripts and rare books. Yet, I think we can take comfort in the fact that this library is not a hallowed hall of elitism, exclusion and general stuffiness (yes, yes, suffering a clear case of the sour grapes here).

Our libraries are approachable and have on occasion been a cool place to see and be seen. This can be a tall order in our day and age where libraries in other developed countries suffer from subsidy cuts and low memberships.

Thank you, dear country, for supporting literacy and reading!


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