Everyday Singapore – Life Under the Sun

Sunrise, on the way to work –


Sunset, as we set off for the weekly Sunday dinner at my aunt’s.


The photographs can be misleading – the sun is vicious here and shows no mercy to us inhabitants. Lee Kuan Yew once stated that the air-conditioner is the most important invention in the 20th century. He argued that air-conditioning allowed people in tropical climes to climb out of languor and be more productive at an optimal, comfortable temperature. I would agree.
(It might explain why the beach, with its hot sun, sea and sand is strongly associated with holidays and taking it slow.)

[Cue daydream]
I’ve always declared that Singapore, with its 33degC every day of the year, is the perfect place for climate change summits. Nobody takes global warming seriously when they’re holding their discussions in suits and heated rooms. Let them have their meetings here, in suits in air-conditioned rooms, then take their meals in an alfresco setting. They may then understand global warming emotionally and physiologically.


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