Xinjiang: Flirting on the Nalati Prairie

Meet Azhatae, my horseman and guide for his home, the Nalati Grassland.


I’m laughing hard here because my horseman was using some incredibly cheesy pick-up lines as he snapped away.


“Stay here with me; you can ride my horse every day!”
(I couldn’t tell whether that was a true innuendo because he sounded so earnest and he is keenly passionate about his six horses…)


Originally, we trotted along a well-trodden path. Then, slowly but certainly, we trotted away into grass plains.

He then asked, “Do you trust me?”
“Do I have a choice?”
“I want you to trust me.”
“Hold tight.”
And with a kick, the horse leapt into a quick gallop and I squealed across the plains.

(Then he completely spoilt it with more lame ‘pick-up lines’)
“Was I good?”
“Come over tonight and I’ll show you just how good I am.”
“Umm…I’ll pass…”
“Come! I’ll take you to my home now!”

And he took me safely back to base at the end of two hours. Haha.


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