Lavender Fields of Xinjiang

This was a bit of a surprise for me – lavender fields in Yili Valley, Xinjiang!


My original plan was to go to Kashgar, but after the whole ordeal of queuing and not getting any train tickets, I got tired. A taxi driver recommended Yili (sometimes used interchangeably with Yining, name of a city in that region), and I was initially wary as Lonely Planet (the 2011 version) said there was little reason to go there. When another taxi driver concurred about going to Yili, I took that as a sign and booked a 4d3n tour there. No regrets! After all, one should listen to the locals instead of solely relying on travel tips written by foreigners.

I don’t usually take photographs, but a fellow touring couple from Beijing insisted that I should, so…the husband became the photographer.


As with any visit to a place geared towards tourists, there was a souvenir shop where I picked up packets of dried lavender. Did a bit of scent handicraft yesterday!
Check out the tutorial here, and take a look at my attempt!


Looking forward to giving them to my colleagues on Teachers’ Day in September!


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