View over Urumqi

Here’s a mosque I chanced upon but didn’t enter (actually didn’t bother checking whether I could). I didn’t realise it was a mosque, because the ground floor were all shops…until I looked up and saw the crescent moon. Interesting architectural influence, eh?

Next is the Hualing Market (seen from the Grand Mercure Urumqi)

There are whole buildings filled with any and every house furnishing you can think up. There was a whole department building with shop after shop displaying all manner of bathtubs, toilet bowls, sinks and taps. There was another building full of tables and couches, and a street of electrical appliances.

One thing that makes itself apparent every time i am in China: the luxury of space, even in the city (which they manage to clutter up with masses of people).


2 thoughts on “View over Urumqi”

  1. The Mosque does rarely look like one idneed. Everything is a little different in China as it appears. I’m looking forward to more posts like that 🙂


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