Xinjiang Museum

The Xinjiang Uyger Autonomous Region Museum is one of the two sites in Urumqi recommended by guidebooks.

It is located behind the Sheraton. (more accurately, you gotta walk through a whole shopping mall featuring exquisite high end brands of Gucci and the like, then squeeze between construction sites before getting a glimpse of it)


Opening times in the
Summer: 10am-6pm
Winter: 10.30am-6pm
In both cases, last entry is at 4.30pm.

Here’s the entrance to the exhibition hall that features archaeological finds from Xinjiang. Somewhat disappointingly, a few of the most eye-catching items in there are labelled as replicas.


Most visitors are there to take a look at the mummies though, and those are located on level 2, in the hall titled for textiles and fabrics (because the clothes on the mummies have also been beautifully preserved, with vivid colours at that.

There were guided tours in Mandarin going on (that I was eavesdropping on! heh!) but there were no clear times indicated at the museum, so perhaps those were part of a package tour group? All in all, quite worth an afternoon, with or without rain.


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