Certaldo (centro storico)

No student worth her salt would do her honours year thesis on Chaucer without at least a cursory glance at Boccaccio’s Decameron. This was what drew me to the small town of Certaldo…

Your first sight of town from the train station will probably come across as slightly disappointing, as it looks like any other built-up post-war Italian town. The centro storico (historic centre) is located up on a hill, which makes perfect sense since this is a fortified medieval city we are talking about.


Pay a small fee for the ascensore, and you’ll find yourself in a rather quaint medieval town.


Wow, Christmas feels like ages ago even though it is only May.


I like that I pretty much had this place to myself, and could admire and examine the wall murals in a fairly up-close and personal fashion.


Apparently the family crests of then rich and powerful families.

The house of Boccaccio was disappointingly closed (just my luck…), but I did manage to pay my respects to the man himself in his church; he lies in the middle of the aisle.

That’s all for now…I think greater respect can be paid not by visiting his resting place, but by reading and enjoying his work.


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