Monteriggioni (to Castellina Scalo train station)

Examination marking takes a mental and physical toll on a teacher…Teachers are used to standing and walking, but the past week found me sitting at my table grading away with power naps in between, and only later did i realize that i haven’t moved from my seat for three hours or more, and it actually hurt to get up. I feel my fitness level going down so quickly it’s scary. Miss the walking I did on vacation!

Here’s Monteriggioni, apparently popularized by Assassins Creed.



It’s the towers that people come to see, but you’ll be walking on metallic gangplanks rather than the ramparts themselves.


A view over the (tiny) village..


I actually wonder what jobs exist here apart from the tourism industry.

The village, as you can see, doesn’t take long to explore, but you can take a leisurely walk to the nearest train station (Castellina Scalo) that is about a mile away.


Yes, supposedly part of the ancient Via Francigena pilgrim route.
exited Monteriggioni and went downhill to a flat path popular with joggers and friendly retired old men.



Castellina Scalo lay ahead…didn’t take any photos of that though!


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