Choice quotes from Ben Aaronovitch: Foxglove Summer

I chanced upon the Rivers of London series while browsing the stacks; the cover art attracted my attention (fascinating map!) as did, of course, memories of London. This series accompanied me through my break up, and indeed the snarky writing was one of those rare things that made me laugh during those dark days. I think these books deserve way more attention than it is currently receiving, so I’m sharing my favourite quotes here. Enjoy!
(Genre: Urban Fantasy, Police Procedural)

From Book Five: Foxglove Summer
(the latest, where the protagonist takes a break from London)


On the Theory of Evolution:

“Above and behind me the unicorn snorted its frustration and stamped the ground. I was fairly certain it wasn’t going to attempt such a steep slope.

This is where the whole ape-descended thing reveals its worth, I thought madly, sucks to be you, quadruped. Opposable thumbs – don’t leave home without them.”

* * *
On the [mis]use of Latin phrases and the allusion to The Game of Thrones:

“Hail the conquering hero,” said Beverley and held up her bottle to clink.

“sic transit Gloria mundi,” I said, because it was the first thing that came into my head – we clinked and drank. It could have been worse.

I could have said “Valar Morghulis” instead.

* * *
My personal favourite, experienced daily as a civil servant…on Official-Speak:

“I made a mental note to wheedle the list of old codgers out of Nightingale and get it properly sorted into a database. Hugh’s “grapevine” might be a useful source of information. If I’d been about four ranks higher up the hierarchy I’d have regarded it as an opportunity to realise additional intelligence assets through enhanced stakeholder engagement. But I’m just a constable so I didn’t.”


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