Choice quotes from Ben Aaronovitch: Whispers Underground

I chanced upon the Rivers of London series while browsing the stacks; the cover art attracted my attention (fascinating map!) as did, of course, memories of London. This series accompanied me through my break up, and indeed the snarky writing was one of those rare things that made me laugh during those dark days. I think these books deserve way more attention than it is currently receiving, so I’m sharing my favourite quotes here. Enjoy!
(Genre: Urban Fantasy, Police Procedural)

From Book Three: Whispers Underground

This book focuses on the tube, and was actually the first book of the series that i came across.


The classic English complaint about the weather:

“The media response to unusual weather is as ritualized and predictable as the stages of grief.

First comes denial: “I can’t believe there’s so much snow.”

Then anger: “Why can’t I drive my car, why are the trains not running?”

Then blame: “Why haven’t the local authorities sanded the roads, where are the snowplows, and how come the Canadians can deal with this and we can’t?”

This last stage goes on the longest and tends to trail off into a mumbled grumbling background moan, enlivened by occasional ‘illegals ate my snowplow’ headlines from the Daily Mail, which continues until the weather clears up.”


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