[belated] pottery-painting!

For Valentine’s Day (yes, i did procrastinate that long), Jun invited me to her church’s youth group activity day at The Art Room.

Both our first time attempting pottery-painting! (truly did not expect to come into contact with pottery so soon after san gimignano 1300: deja vu!)


You could choose your object of desire ranging from – teapots (me), essential oil burners (jun), tapas dishes, mugs, coin banks etc. The good thing is that these objects are food-safe after firing.

Since it was Valentine’s, I decided to decorate my teapot with heart-shaped flowers. Not the most inventive, I know, but I am armed with little artistic talent. Jun painted pineapples under the sea. haha.


The glazes turn much brighter and shinier upon firing, so you essentially have to imagine what the end-product might look like while colouring it.

Here’s the end result! (against the messy background of my workstation)


The unglazed interior has since taken on the colour of tea, and even a very faint tea scent. heh.


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