[belated] pottery-painting!

For Valentine’s Day (yes, i did procrastinate that long), Jun invited me to her church’s youth group activity day at The Art Room.

Both our first time attempting pottery-painting! (truly did not expect to come into contact with pottery so soon after san gimignano 1300: deja vu!)


You could choose your object of desire ranging from – teapots (me), essential oil burners (jun), tapas dishes, mugs, coin banks etc. The good thing is that these objects are food-safe after firing.

Since it was Valentine’s, I decided to decorate my teapot with heart-shaped flowers. Not the most inventive, I know, but I am armed with little artistic talent. Jun painted pineapples under the sea. haha.


The glazes turn much brighter and shinier upon firing, so you essentially have to imagine what the end-product might look like while colouring it.

Here’s the end result! (against the messy background of my workstation)


The unglazed interior has since taken on the colour of tea, and even a very faint tea scent. heh.


A non-alcoholic drink to make my day

hello, frog-in-a-blender!


i do believe it is made of strawberry puree, kiwi puree, peach (??) puree and iced-blended lemonade.

always a challenge to stop myself from absent-mindedly stirring the drink!

enjoy this at 7kickstart cafe on the grounds of the singapore art museum (sam)! (open mondays to saturdays, 7am-6pm)

Seeking Adventure (and the difficulty in finding someone to go with)

k+h were nice enough to accompany me to adex, even though their interest lies only in snorkelling (and even that is a bit of a stretch). so the sales pitch sort of degenerated into ‘tioman resorts have pretty nice bbq…?’ i can never be a sales person, ever.

herein lies the huge problem that makes me go: screw this, i gotta do it alone if im gonna do this at all. of my friends, those who are interested in diving have already received their certs and all, and those who are not are just. not. interested. same for, say, trekking and camping. those who are interested are regulars, fit, able-bodied, quick on terrain, and to crash their trips would make me a great burden. those who are not interested have better things to do.

as much as band was enriching and full of fantastic memories, i almost wish i joined a uniformed group where camping and trekking were an annual affair. (no, going as T-incharge is totally not the same, and a thousand times more stressful and tiring)

i have a hypothesis about why my diving friends are able to interest their friends in diving and i can’t. i hang out with teachers. even my friends who are not colleagues are mainly teachers. given that our job requires us to give personality testing, develop areas of passion in our charges and offer career guidance when necessary, most teachers are very self-aware. we know, just a bit more clearly, what we want, what we don’t want, what we like, and what we don’t like. this is quite different from my friends’ friends who seem to easily give in to peer influence.

alternatively you could always say teachers are a stubborn bunch, in some ways traditional and narrow-minded, while my friends’ friends are willing to try new things?

none of that matters as long as the influence is positive.