Sunday marketing

Previously, I blogged about the markets at Baseco and Rome, and over my impromptu marketing this morning, I felt that my own market deserved a post too.

Behold the sights and sounds of Redhill Market, known colloquially as ‘angsua pasat’.



The red packet (angbao) decor from the recent Chinese New Year celebrations is still there…prob still squeezing the year for all the luck and prosperity it’s worth.

Our wet market sells everything from the usual meat and vegetables to potted plants and fresh cut flowers to pet fish and terrapins.

A dried goods store seen below, where you can buy condiments, dried seafood such as anchovies (ikan bilis) and shrimp (he bi) to flavour your soups/dishes with, even freshly grated coconuts or tapiocas.


fun fact: did you know the word ‘ketchup’ has Chinese origins?
‘qie zhi’, literally tomato (fan qie) juice (zhi).

Then the shop from which I bought today’s groceries.


Yay for fresh and brightly coloured produce!


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