my passion project: an art website

It is only now that I realise what an impact the art in Italy made on me, for I have spent the past several weeks collating artwork and putting them onto a website to be used as part of my lessons. It’s art therapy for myself, really – I pick and choose the artists that I like, art pieces that make sense to me, art pieces that give me pleasure, others that disturb me, and in so doing, begin to experience a ‘refining of the palate’ in terms of my taste and preference in art. The trip to Italy made me appreciate sacred art a lot better, mainly because I got to see them in the context of worship, with artwork adorning the chapels and altars. This experience is so different from just five years ago when, as a complete noob, I looked at sacred art in the National Gallery in London and yawned. Seeing Madonna after Madonna after Madonna made me roll my eyes and I naively believed that she was only painted because people were paid to paint her (eh, perhaps that isn’t too far from the truth). I think it fair to say that I have made some progress in my knowledge of art and as such, the pleasure I derive from looking at art has also increased. I am glad for that, and also a little pleased, for much of it was self-taught.

Enough of that pre-ramble…click here to visit my art website (without too much copyright infringement i hope!) Website is best viewed on a desktop as I have yet to work on the mobile site.


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