Locking my Valentine

This is a sight commonly seen across famous bridges in Europe, mostly considered a nuisance, or even vandalism.


There are fewer locks here on the Ponte alle Grazie compared to the famous bridges, probably because most tourists use the Ponte Vecchio.

Being alone, I wondered what it’d be like to have a lover to be cheesily romantic with, locking our love up and throwing the key into the River Arno. Littering aside, I thought that sounded sweet, yet scary. If anything, the past year of heartbreak, where I expended most of my energy into resisting the urge to contact him, has taught me that love is not something to be locked up. That he loved me, but couldn’t love enough, and locking, restricting our (lack of) love would have been cruel to him, and eventually to me too.

Don’t I sound like a cliche? “If you love him, set him free” and all that. It’s not a point of view that people choose, it is something that you learn to accept. I’m still bitter, and spiteful, and angry. I still feel abandoned, lost, wild.

I never got to celebrate Valentine’s with him; our relationship was that short-lived. I don’t know how to continue because I’m too upset thinking about him. Hope you had an enjoyable Valentine’s, anyhow.


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