A walk in the park: Poggibonsi to Colle

Roberto, my host, told me about an 8km cycling path between Colle Val d’Elsa and Poggibonsi, and I thought I’d take a walk on it. He dropped me off on the edge of town, and reminded me, “it’s 8km ya, if you don’t see nothing, just keep walking, ok?”

Here’s the start of the path at Poggibonsi –


Along the way, they left some quick clues about the origins of this path –


These train tracks were in use between 1885 to 1987, a branch of the Siena-Empoli line.

Some views you’ll be rewarded with along the way –


Is this a tributary of the river Elsa? (perhaps they should capitalize on the fame of Frozen…)



The final mile into Colle runs parallel to a fairly busy road so it’s not nearly as tranquil there, but continue walking onto Piazza Arnolfo and you’ll be able to see the bus office and the free public ascensore/lift to the Centro Storico (old centre).


Some views of the old town –

I found this hilarious –


Is this one of the oldest smilies in the world or what?

Anyway, I had to take a bus back to Poggibonsi because the sun was setting and there are no street lamps on the path. Shouldn’t be a problem in the summer when the sun sets late though!


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