San Gimignano 1300

I enjoyed this particular museum very much, even more so after chatting with the artist, Michelangelo, who crafted and painted his love for history and architecture into this amazing work of ceramic art.

Here’s the approach to the shop in the vine-covered building on the right just off Piazza Duomo –



Walk through a little shopfront to the museum –


Just look at that ceramic recreation of a medieval town that took the team of five a year and a half to create!

The crests on the wall belong to the rich and powerful families who built those towers as a protective measure against potential attacks and sackings.


See that map in leather that places San Gimignano on the medieval pilgrim routes of Via Francigena (Rome-Canterbury), El Camino de Santiago de Compostela (Way of St James in Spain), and the one to the Holy Land.

While there, you may also get to see the artists at work –


Michelangelo painting a made-to-order ceramic piece


Nunzio working on a plate for the shop. He even asked whether I’d like to give it a go…I’d love to but I was afraid I’d spoil their hard work!


Nunzio moving the pieces to the firing kiln.

The detailed work on the ceramic town took a year of research and close consultation with historians – their next big step is pre-Renaissance Florence. Ambitious, eh? But something I’d look forward to seeing some years from now. Do visit this free museum and show them your support when you’re next in Tuscany!


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