Library / Biblioteca, Siena

I was just strolling around Siena today, and decided to hit up the public library that was denoted on the map. I found myself at the Biblioteca Comunale degli Intronati, which has an unassuming facade –


I took this photograph as I was taking my leave, to capture the Christmas lights!

Anyway, the library is housed semi-underground. By that, I mean that it is on hilly terrain so there’s sunlight on one side and earth on the other.

Here’s the central aisle –


Computer terminals line the left, while fiction in Italian (a great selection of translated titles too) lines the right, with rooms fanning out on both sides.

In case you were wondering, nope, nowhere as crowded as libraries in Singapore.


I flipped through books at the art section because I’d be lost in translation everywhere else. They had a sign at the children’s section stating that adults were only welcome if they were accompanying a child šŸ˜¦

I was ready to go, and was wandering about absent-mindedly when I walked into the linguistics section, and stumbled upon this!


An Inglesse/English section! Quite a decent collection too! And since I had no real plans, I settled down to read A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby in a little brick niche. Butt-to-chair, four hours to finish the book in one sitting, which is somethingĀ  I have not done in years…if ever.


(Realistic characterization of not very likable characters, with a drily humorous though fairly accurate portrayal of suicide ideation.)

The library is located on Via della Sapienza, and open 0900-1830 on weekdays, 0900-1300 on Saturdays, closed on Sundays.

To end the day and remind myself of college exchange days in Hull and London, I opted for a kebab dinner –


And yes, this was quite possibly one of the best days of my vacation…even though this is something I could completely have done at home.


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