the singapore art museum (sam)

on friday, after a huge tea with my co-workers (it’s all about taste, at the ibis hotel), everybody went their separate ways, while i perambulated idly about the area. queen street, bencoolen street, and then i found myself at the singapore art museum (sam). the sam is housed on the compound of the old st joseph’s institution. read more about the building’s history and conservation process here.

i poked about the learning galleries which has a provocative photography series called singapore idols by jing quek featuring the army boys, senior citizens and domestic helpers, then spent more time at medium at large (see all current exhibitions via this link)


an exhibit that is sometimes presented in this form, or hanging from walls or ceilings, even rolled out on the floor.


rattan stomachs, by a cambodian artist.

one of the more intriguing pieces was a video of a butter dance by melati suryodarmo. it feels so pointless, yet there is something sensual about her movement of dancing, balancing and slipping on the slick buttery surface. perhaps what makes it so mesmerizing is the anticipation of the fall, which happens again and again and again, the momentary upskirt, then her struggle to get back up to dance.

i took a break at the courtyard, wishing the boy was here with me.


what is there to do but to get used to being alone?


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