acm after dark

not being on facebook makes me feel quite out of touch with stuff so im always grateful whenever friends ask me out for events –


halloween special at the asian civilisations museum (acm) by the river. it’s been years since i last came here!

the special touch came with the docents being stationed specifically at artwork and deities associated with the afterlife, explaining in detail the significance of the artefacts unearthed from graves: statues, jewellery, urns etc.

there was a getai playing familiar favourites –



these socio-cultural practices really belong in the lunar seventh month domain of the hungry ghost festival, but i suppose the idea got postponed to a halloween event instead out of deference to cultural sensitivities and because people are just pantang (superstitious) about seventh month. by that, i mean that i have met people from varying religions (or no religion) in Singapore who remark that the stuff with seventh month is ‘real’ while halloween is just for fun. mostly, i’m too lazy to point out the logical inconsistencies, plus i know little of intangible beings and things, so i shrug it off.

i didn’t dress up because i was out grading papers at a coffee shop, so this was the best i could do –


my best imitation of a pontianak.

happy halloween, all. (you know, i have never tried pumpkin pie in all my life! i wonder whether it’s available in Singapore?)


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