bookshelf therapy

in a bid to declutter my book collection, i decided to pull out as many books as i could (dependent on floor space, really) so that i could rearrange or donate them.

i donated bag after bag of books away, but whatever’s left of my book collection has been abandoned in a compartmentalized disarray on the floor, as it has been for close to three weeks, collecting dust and evoking memories.


by the way, taking the books out really make a difference. where previously every book was as precious as the next, now, you are wary about what you allow back into that sacred space.

after the initial craze of taking everything out, i am now paralyzed by the thought of having to rearrange all those books. my bookshelves, my sanctum sanctorum, and i don’t know what to do with it.

i chanced upon the following two books in the library, which seemed appropriate for the mammoth task im facing.


unpacking my library: writers and their books, edited by leah price


my ideal bookshelf, edited by thessaly la force, illustrated by jane mount.

while my books remain on the floor, it’s been quite fun, for the first book, looking at photographs of the personal libraries of famous writers, and the latter, reading why they love the books they do.


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