dec 2012: minority tribes

soppong is more like a drive-through town, whatever you see along the road is more or less what you get.


but if you’re up for walking some miles (sometimes uphill), or if you rent a bicycle/motortaxi, you could get to some neighbouring villages and visit the minority tribes. a sample of the roads you’d be walking on –


here i got to nong tong, where the parish was preparing for christmas…


enjoy some views along the way!

IMG_2499 IMG_2500


isn’t this plant lovely? i can’t tell where the leaves end and the flowers begin! such a very lovely vibrant colour though.

and i reached the next village, where i bought biscuits from a negligible snack shack and shared them with the villagers seating around.



my thai was far too limited to communicate, but for some odd reason they could speak some words of mandarin. this is nowhere near the chinese border, but at the thai-burmese border – how? chinese missionary groups? there were actually more people sitting around, mostly men playing cards. i wondered where all the women were. were they resting in the huts, or out in the fields while the men gambled? (my feminist sensibilities were buzzing, but there were no answers to be had because we didn’t understand each other.)


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