dec 2012: tham lod caves

it was sunday morning, and i sat in at a church service in soppong


after, i wandered off to the marketplace to find a motor-taxi who might take me to the tham lod caves. i couldn’t tell which bikes were for hire, so i tapped a lady on the shoulder to ask whether she knew where the motor-taxi uncles were. she offered to take me because it was her day off, and she wanted to practice her English.

say hello to jamsai!


off to tham lod on her bike it is. locals could go in for free, but you know how locals hardly ever visit the major tourist sites close to them. she’d only been in the caves once, many years ago, so i persuaded her to join me. during the cave-walks, she taught me thai, while i helped her with english, a win-win situation! (i am ashamed to say i have since forgotten most of what she taught me.)

entrance to the cave


and my guide with a gas lamp, which i’d only ever read about in storybooks!


our mode of transport were bamboo rafts

IMG_2463 IMG_2470

this is the rocky/packed soil-like surface we walked on (sorry, im sure a geographer would do a far better job at describing these photos)


and here’s what you’ll find inside the caves. these rocks here have been nicknamed ‘crocodile’ and ‘ice-cream cone’, for obvious reasons.

IMG_2460 IMG_2465

back then i was too bewildered to learn much, but looking at these photographs again makes me want to read up about cave systems to understand what it is we marvel at. that’s a lot of reading and research projects i have for myself!


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