dec 2012: staying at the soppong river inn

i stayed at the soppong river inn for several nights, in the bamboo room. the bamboo room is the cheapest ensuite room they have, though they do have a cheaper stand-alone hut (lahu room) with no attached washroom.


(random paperweight at the dining area)

to be honest, much of the view is obscured by foliage, but here’s the lang river (mae lang), which you can enjoy from the common area on an overhanging balcony.


you can even wade in the river via a small set of steps overgrown with moss and weeds


i liked the peace and quiet the place afforded, and spent the evenings watching sunsets


and the nights reading ray bradbury’s fahrenheit 451.

the staff members were incredibly sweet to me, and aum, the caretaker/manager of the place, looked out specially for me because i was travelling alone. i spent one night away in pai because i missed the public bus between pai and soppong (there are only two a day that go from chiang mai all the way to mae hong son via route 1095), and when i finally returned the next afternoon, aum came up to me, held my hands, and told me how worried she was when i didn’t turn up the day before. i was incredibly touched; she didn’t need to care, and i was surprised she noticed.

on my last day, aum insisted on sending me to the bus station to take the mini bus back to chiang mai. we took her scooter for the short distance of, what, 200m? with her half sitting on the seat and on my little suitcase. it was a bit of preferential treatment, and another couple that checked out that same morning watched us arrive at the bus station a little incredulously.

this was service like none other, and soppong river inn deserves all the good reviews they get for this personal touch.


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