dec 2012: day-tripping with two geographers

i became more emotional than i expected in the previous post; i guess i will blog about Pai as a distraction.

Thailand was my first proper solo trip (the ones before being more like weekend jaunts out of London), and God up there decided to send friends. i ran into edwin and esther at the arcade bus station in chiang mai, and we were headed for different villages up the same route. we made plans to meet up for a day trip.

i popped over to pai via a songthaew. i highly recommend taking motion sickness pills as i spent a good two hours trying not to heave at the lady opposite me.

EE rented a car for the day so that we could explore the natural wonders of pai (read: geog majors geeks)

first stop: the pambok/pembok waterfall


there was this rickety bridge that i felt rather doubtful about


until i saw a huge man walking across it. looked sturdy enough! i was a little bummed about not bringing a change of clothes (no, skinny-dipping is really not for me..) so i could only wade about knee-deep.

next stop: the pai land split. we stumbled across a wooden board advertising it, and because these are geographers we are talking about, of course we had to take a look.


the crack in the land was about 10-11m deep, about 3-5m wide, probably the result of a very minor, localized earthquake (this is hilly terrain after all). the split is set to get even wider due to soil erosion from rainfall etc. possible solution to restore it to arable land: the back-breaking work of filling the split up with surrounding soil, essentially levelling the land, which gets harder every year as more soil gets eroded by rain etc. so this enterprising farmer turned his soy plantation into a hibiscus and roselle drink + jam stall, visited by tourists enroute to and fro the waterfalls.


a view of pai from what felt like the middle of nowhere.

anyway, this was the reason my day trip turned into an overnight stay at pai –


i missed my bus because we didn’t factor in time for such! heh heh except for the fact that i had no change of clothes for that evening, this experience of driving at a stately speed behind strolling elephants is remarkable so no complaints there.

and thus starry night back at the resort it was, and i woke in the morning to a beautiful view of padi fields


im still grateful to EE for adopting me and spending such a fun and educational day with me!


(they’re getting married soon!)


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