asian-style pasta

i needed to use up my unused linguine because i wouldn’t have the time to cook anymore after this short lull of a term break. my family has been rather sick of ‘western’-style cooking, so i decided to experiment by cooking it asian-style (yes, that usually involves soy sauce somewhere…)


i used cabbage and narcissus brand canned stewed pork this time for the pasta sauce.


i love stirfried veggies and this was seasoned with soya sauce and sarawak white pepper. i used the cabbage to line the plates.


then i stirfried the cooked pasta and the stewed pork. i had to let the combination simmer for quite a while as the pasta took some time to pick up the sauce. i imagine this would be much easier with beehoon (aka rice vermicelli).


it turned out much better than i imagined (ok, ok, canned food unfortunately always turns out tasty, what with all the preservatives and salt/msg. i mean, anyone can cook instant noodles for a reason.)

i do intend to blog more about travelling, so stay tuned if you are interested!

(all photos on this post taken with a Samsung galaxy ace 2 mobile)


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