central library @ bugis

brought my work to the national library frequently the past week, and just thought I’d share why i love this space (a follow-up to my earlier post on libraries)


main facade of the building. the library is located near bugis, bras basah and city hall mrt stations.


open-air foyer which is used for various events such as book sales, postage stamp festivals, even hosting the fyp projects of art, design and architecture schools.


they do use the building to advertise what they have..

i usually use the study tables at the reference sections in the upper stories –



and i love working here because of the view –


that’s st joseph’s church in the foreground.

the central lending library is housed in the basement, and the entrance to the library has a book exchange corner. im going through a decluttering phase, and this visit, i said goodbye to ernest hemingway, willa cather and gustave flaubert.


there are two mini exhibitions going on at the library, the first, ‘books that moved me’, the second, ‘saudi arabia’, to coincide with the month of Ramadan.



(and probably also for users to educate ourselves in order to discern between the noble arab tradition and its people from the terror of ISIS)

anyway, moving on to my favourite bit – the wonderful children’s section!




this space is lovely, and I mean to bring my niece here. i was there near closing time, and there weren’t many people around. it gets noisy with bubbly kids running around in the afternoons!

i cannot stress how important it is to have a good children’s section – if they do not start reading, using the library when they are young, it is difficult for them to pick up the habit as they get older. who would want to spend their time reading in the library when there are games to play, cartoons to watch, and homework to do?

sigh. this post makes me look too much of a nerd, haha.
(all photos taken on a Samsung galaxy ace 2 mobile)


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