monty halls’s dive mysteries

I’ve been watching the bbc series, monty halls’s diving mysteries. there are only four episodes which can be found on YouTube.

click on the following links to watch!

the driver’s graveyard (blue hole dahab, egypt)

japan’s lost atlantis (yonaguni, japan)

the ghost ship of thunder bay (lake huron, michigan, usa)

the kaiser’s gold (lake otjikoto, namibia)

what i dislike about it:
it is a critique common to all infotainment documentaries – how can a team hope to solve, in the course of a few days of filming, what academics have been studying and debating on for a great many years? this was particularly obvious in the yonaguni and the lake otjikoto episodes. it feels almost disrespectful, and yet this is the easiest way for the academics to earn some recognition for their many hard years of research.

why i watch it anyway:
because, as infotainment, it is entertaining and educational. it summarizes the arguments and/or conspiracy theories succinctly, and there is unbeatable underwater footage.

i genuinely appreciate how halls explicitly role-models safe diving. he explains quite clearly why he is functioning as a safety diver for a particular dive as he lacked the relevant training or equipment. another time, he explains that he injured his ear and thus had to sit a dive out and presented via a voice-over. this self-control is something all aspiring divers must learn!


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