book haul: aug 2014

i have a great many books that I’ve been trying to declutter, supposedly to make space for new books. the following quote sums my predicament up nicely:


yet, before I’ve even decluttered satisfactorily, this mailer from book depository made me go weak-kneed in excitement –


book depository, why dost thou torment me so? i cannot pass such an offer up! (i gave up buying books for lent this year – it would really have been a great temptation had this been held during lenten season)

well, here’s what i ordered this time –


been a fan of carlos ruiz zafon since i read the shadow of the wind, and the premise of marina sounds enticing enough.

neil gaiman and eddie campbell’s work is subtitled ‘a tale of travel and darkness with pictures of all kinds’. 20 pages in, so far, so interesting. looking forward to my bedtime reading after this post!

picked up yoko ogawa’s the diving bell during my recent trip to tokyo, enjoyed it, and revenge looks as disturbingly promising. or should that be, promisingly disturbing?

am currently reading julian baggini’s succinctly written ethics, lent to me by a very sweet colleague. the collection of essays in the virtues of the table will hopefully be just as illuminating.

am off to read, goodnight!


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