dive b-logging

a belated post about my weekend with scuba institute, where i dived for practice and for leisure.
(read about my first dive here!)

the team is small and therefore flexible, so i was shuffled between dive masters for different dives. the bosses, knowing that im a nervous (and therefore possibly dangerous) diver, always allocated a dive master as my buddy. i spent the first day diving with alwyn, pictured in the selfie below.


we descended into the waters and finned off to photograph underwater objects. rather, he did, while i followed and observed whatever it was he was photographing.

perhaps what people enjoy about diving is the opportunity, in the words of william davies, ‘to stop and stare’. I’ve never stared at shrimp so closely before (you usually only see them on a dish, don’t you?)

the planned third dive was aborted as the waters were too choppy and the weather too stormy…which was a pity because i really wanted to take a look at what it’s like underwater when the surface is chaotic. (by this time my confidence was already at acceptable levels, though im likely overestimating my abilities, heh)


(i love that i got photobombed by a fish.)

i remember the pre-sunrise better than i remember the next morning’s dives – but i followed iris, and later gerard, around, who pointed out various underwater creatures for me. saw the infamous crown of thorns – most aptly named, i must say. also, the sea fan coral.

im already looking forward to taking the ssi advanced adventurer course! early next year, perhaps – anyone wants to join me?


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