tokyu hands

“Tokyu Hands, the department store with everything for the home you ever wanted…”
-Protagonist, in Murakami’s Dance Dance Dance.

in my case, the home office. after having once lugged a souvenir pint glass and a christmas market hot chocolate mug all over Europe, i thought my aching shoulders and back taught me a good lesson to stop buying stuff while on holiday. perhaps tokyo was too short a trip, i had too much space in the backpack, plus their stuff are so irresistible that i succumbed to the allure of pretty stationery.


washi tape! i don’t know what to use it on, given that i don’t use tape all that frequently. it just came to my attention while looking at the photo that i bought three cuboid-patterned ones? hmm bit silly of me.


a memo pad and a to-do list. this, i use weekly. not for recording housework, though.


more memo pads, which i bought for colleagues too.


letter-writing paper – creamy yet delicate. i absolutely love this, and wish i bought more, but paying $7-8 for 20 sheets of paper is quite beyond me. yet, i do write notes and letters frequently (at least, i want to). spending money on things i actually use is not considered wasteful, is it?

and so, i splurged $30+ on stationery alone at tokyu hands, definitely a first for me (and hopefully last). if you’ve been to tokyu hands – what did you buy?


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