walking in hong kong

back in june, my trip overlapped with a colleague’s, and we took a walk together at lamma island.

we took a ferry to sok kwu wan and took the path towards yung shue wan.

here’s the view –


unfit people like me should take this route too, as it is a relaxing walk up a gentle slope looking like


if, however, you begin the walk from yung shue wan, be prepared to climb flight after flight of stairs. -shudder-

along the way, Jo brought me to this nondescript shack for beancurd!


it is cold and sweetened with ginger syrup (now, why didn’t we think of that?)

more deceptively rugged views…



pity the weather was simply unforgiving, and when we headed back to the mainland, i wasted the entire ‘workout’ on


oooh look how creamy and delish it is! im not a fan of chocolate, but i had to give in to this.

and so, here ends my little sojourn to hk. im not sure whether I’ll be back; just go anytime but summer, please.




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