homecoming 2014

it was spontaneous – i hadn’t planned on going, but my friend dropped me at a bus stop in the area


so drop by i did.

a concert was in full swing –


showcasing the band, the choirs, the dancers…even the o-level art students


those are reproductions of famous artwork re-presented on boards in the shape of the sc pinafore.

i went to the quiet area where my sec 1 classroom was –


it is lovelier than before. it used to be a grass patch where we sat around..now it is beautifully landscaped.

i felt rather wistful wondering what it might be like if i maintained my friendship with the girls. too many of my ex-classmates now reside down under and i lost contact w them.. while i deliberately distanced myself from the ones i was the closest to, because i realised that our interests, values and ideals were simply too different.

i looked at the seniors who came back as a clique to visit, accompanied by their families, and, while i do not regret having replaced my friends, i am sad not to have friends who have known me and whom i have grown with from a young, naive age. to be friends from age seven and then being together until their children are of age to be schooled in the alma mater together..it’s quite a wondrous notion.

nevertheless, being alone, i ended up volunteering my services as a shopkeeper –


mrs fern, who taught me how to cook and sew!

till next time, then, alma mater.



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