queuing for chicken rice balls

have a little free time now that im stuck in a queue for famous melakan-hainanese chicken rice balls at 9 in the morning. final meal in melaka!


in melaka, all you do is eat…then stroll under the hot sun and wait to be hungry enough, before eating again.

my first meal here on saturday was nonya laksa along jonker street (jalan hang jebat). my instincts told me to eat assam laksa, because it is harder to find good assam laksa in singapore, but i didn’t feel like sour-ish food that night.

then there was dessert – durian chendol at 88 jonker, tip overheard from diners at the next table.


ummm im not impressed, why exactly is this stall so crowded? i daresay sg’s ice kachang, durian or no durian, is more addictive than this.

sunday – lunch at nancy’s kitchen (open from 1130-1700) for peranakan food. i reached at 1115, and was 7th in line in the queue.


that’s babi pongteh on the left, and ayam buah keluak on the right. the intense flavours necessitate rice – although i ended up wasting a fair amount of it as i simply couldn’t finish. i wanted kueh pie tee and nonya chapchye as well, but…oh well. i suppose peranakan dishes can be found in sg after all, and i don’t need to be a glutton here. but the food is awesome. and affordable. and homely. i think i need to learn how to prepare these dishes.

awesome dinner at the awesome baboon house! photography not allowed, but i plan to blog a little more about it.

my chicken rice has arrived!


heh heh. squishy, near melt-in-your-mouth mochi-like rice balls. i see taste what all the fuss is about.

off to enjoy my meal. another time!


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