an impromptu trip

greetings from melaka!!

booked last-minute return bus tickets and treated (treating, actually) myself to a comfortable getaway with a flash deal on agoda for a basic hotel. all of this done hours before departure – bus operator couldn’t find my booking which worried me a little, but she let me on anyway.

my friend was mildly envious, but i assured her that there is nothing to be envious about. i found out late that Monday is a holiday, and had a mild panic attack. since my ex left, I’ve become a bit of a workaholic, and sadly enough, dread the weekend because my thoughts wander to him (and his absence). if weekends are bad, i wouldn’t stand a chance during a long weekend.

most times, you simply need an impetus or a desire that is strong enough, to make you do something you wanna do. (this applies to relationships as well, i suppose – if he really wanted to talk to you, nothing would hold him back from the phone. sigh.)

will update when i can – most likely on my return to sg!


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