what i ate in tokyo

i admit, im doing this post so that i can delete the food photos from my phone, because i get so very hungry every time i flick through my gallery.

so, first up – most memorable meal in tokyo –


yep. fast food from a fast food chain! so very different from the bad food we get from the yoshinoya in singapore, which is so bad that my ex used to joke that eating yoshinoya is a deal-breaker.

but here,  a simple gyudon (beef bowl), served piping-hot, topped with greens and a raw egg. it was absolutely delicious. the health-conscious will be delighted to know that they actually serve the raw egg with this holder that’s able to sieve the yolk from the white.

and more comfort food in the form of chashu and yasai ramen…


this was served slightly differently from regular ramen in that you dip the cold noodles in the broth, the way you do with zaru soba/somen. i wish i had space for another bowl – was rather moody during the trip and comfort food was all i looked forward to.

curry omelette rice!


it was a cold and rainy day where i was drenched while trying to find my way around, and this was quite the lifesaver. after this meal, while still being lost, i crawled into an underground bar for japanese whiskey highballs, after which, one of the bartenders was sweet enough to walk me up to the street entrance and direct me to the nearest subway station.

and, last but not least, one has to eat sushi when you’re in japan.


from one of the stalls at tsukiji. honestly, though, you can enjoy sushi 20-30% cheaper at other venues in tokyo, even in the shibuya area. the stalls at tsukiji are more prestigious, supposedly fresher too, but, well, my palate is not that discerning.

i know other food/travel blogs are a lot more specific and helpful with directions and shop names etc., but i don’t usually bother with those (plus, i can’t read hiragana). i usually find my lunch/tea/dinner spots by walking into an affordable-looking place that looks decently crowded with locals. usually quite a good bet whichever country im in.

ah. i know i shoulda taken a photo of that matcha k-ki.


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