pink dot singapore 2014

it was great fun, really. crashed the party of friends-of-friends and was happy to be included in the festivities.

here’s a view of hong lim park from parkroyal on pickering at about 1730.


decently crowded, many in pink (but the mismatched colours of the picnic mats somewhat spoil it)

a friend who volunteered as a crew member shared that there were some white-wearing placard-bearing anti-pinkdotters who turned up, but the organisers were well-prepared for them. pink flowers were distributed to them by volunteers bearing wide smiles and welcomes, and the protesters became paiseh and trotted off after a while. think that was a wonderful way of managing conflict, so kudos to the team!

what i really like about pink dot is that it is a safe place for homosexuals to be with their significant other. and this precious safe place was so close to being destroyed by the actions of religious groups, which saddens me (and of course i am well aware that professing christians like myself who celebrate their love saddens them) i saw homosexuals holding hands, hugging, kissing, things that they cannot do in public without garnering unwelcome stares. even my close gay friends don’t hold hands in front of me, stating, ‘it’s not you, it’s others’. this is an annual affair where they can be their authentic selves, how can we think of taking it away from them?

and, well, speaking of authentic selves, it’s one place where they can be as flamboyant as they want to be, and so drag queens went all out (how do they bear the heat?), and even i walked around displaying an artpiece of a headdress, one of three created by one who let his inner-baba take charge.


im actually quite intrigued by how all the different elements are held together.

all in all, good fun, and im glad the event was a successful one, amidst all the tension leading up to it.

watch the light-up here, filmed by none other than junfeng.


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