go pink!

i had the privilege of being the only straight person at a table of six (was mistaken for being les by virtue of association even though my fashion sense (or lack thereof) is a clear indicator of my non-membership) and it was only then that i found out about the very sad and disturbing developments raging on the social media sphere about the pink vs. white campaigns.

i feel upset that apparently the online debates have been getting so ugly that even those who have come out to close friends are slightly frightened to attend pink dot on Saturday, for fear of being caught in the fray, of possibly having their pictures taken by the media (given the extra attention this has been getting) and then having to come out proper because they do not want to lie about their sexual orientation (they shouldn’t have to; the society we live in should not be so prejudiced as to make them feel compelled to lie in order to protect themselves).

as a practicing (though struggling) Christian, i do hold conflicted views regarding the status of homosexuality. yet what i do sincerely believe is that homosexuals do not love the gender they do out of wilful defiance, but because that is just the way they are. i have heard many personal accounts of how they struggled through their teenage years, trying to date the ‘right’, opposite sex, but finding that it simply is not what they desire. i imagine it in the same way that i may find a girl hot but feel nothing when she comes close, but when i like a guy and he comes close, my breath gets caught in the anticipation of being near him. it’s not something i can help or control, it’s just the way it is, and if so, i cannot fault homosexuals for loving in a way where they are true to themselves.

thus, i will wear pink tomorrow, and pop by the event, even if for a short while.



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