safely home

back from my first diving trip ever! it was stressful at the beginning, and then, after i got used to it, loads of fun!

i went with scuba institute singapore, under the ssi programme. (padi is more well-known, but this school was highly recommended by a friend. my instructor also added that the programme doesn’t matter as much as the instructors do, and i had fantastic ones.)

i was well-taught and well taken care of by alan, bryan, david and iris. you can tell that the student-instructor ratio is highly favourable (esp for nervous learners like me). my instructors were attentive, and actually noticed that my hands were shakey while i was rigging up, and took turns to pep talk me. underwater, when i was struggling to be neutrally buoyant, they gave me encouraging hand signals and reminded me to breathe calmly (and not hypervenilate, which i was close to doing on my first dive).

i signed up for this alone, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the three girls i was rooming with signed up alone too – new friends all round!

here’s hoping I’ll make the time to dive more, now that i can.

leaving you with a group picture of my new friends!

read about my second dive with SI here!


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